Festive Winter Yard

Incredible holiday lawn display… Photo: Chris Balck

dark rooftop with brick chimney and shiny metal stack against a deep blue sky

Cozy Winter Morning

…our neighbors are nice & warm. Photo: Chris Balck

snow-covered dried flower heads on stems on a blank whitish backbround

Snow Catchers

Fresh snow in the garden… Photo: Chris Balck

night scene of a two-story corner storefront building with interior and exterior lights glowing yellow


The warm glow… Photo: Chris Balck

Large bare tree partially frosted in a winter park landscape

Frosty Morning

…at Giggly Hills… Photo: Chris Balck

bright yellow light shining through bare tree branches and snow flurries in the night sky

Winter Storm

… illuminated the falling snow … Photo: Chris Balck

Tall see-through rocket-shaped metal sculpture with yellow fins on a red pole with guy-wires against a blue sky.

Blast Off

in “Rocket Park” … Photo: Chris Balck

rusty bright orange metal sculpture in a backyard glowing under sun rays against a red brick wall

Ornamental Plow

…as warm weather and garden days approach… Photo: Chris Balck

Round natural shelf in treet trunk with stones and a shell with water and small fishes

Open Hands

accepting any gifts or maybe offering… Photo: Chris Balck

colorful jelly beans in snow

Easter Hangover

What a day… Photo: Chris Balck

bright yellowish green leaves and large cone of buds

Ready to Pop

Magnolia tree after needed rain… Photo: Chris Balck

white blossoms hanging down from a green leafy branch with an out of focus background

Not Blue Yet

The blueberries are coming. Photo: Chris Balck

purple and yellow cone-shaped flower closeup with fuzzy background of streetscape

Lovely Lupine

Manhattan Lights Lupine adorns boulevard. Photo: Chris Balck

two wooden crosses in grass with large red, white, and blue flag-themed bows in front of a wooden tie retaining wall with

Memorial Day 2020

Thinking of the Veterans Home without visitors… Photo: Chris Balck

Sign hanging on plywood with red and black 3D letter blocks spelling "BIG GEORGE"

Big George

Remembering George Floyd. Photo: Chris Balck

a pair of shiny railroad tracks split and recede into the distance with sunset clouds in the background and dark industrial scape silhouette on the horizon

Sunset on the Tracks

over the closed Hiawatha Lumber… Photo: Chris Balck

lawn sign reading "LONGFELLOW STRONG" with a multi-colored heart for the letter O in strong

Longfellow Strong

Yard sign fundraiser… Photo:  Chris Balck

large pergola in a lush garden with flowers and greenery on a sunny day

Summer Warmth

Longfellow Gardens pergola. Photo: Chris Balck

side view of a wild brown and tan rabbit sitting on a grass lawn

Garden Invader

stopped to pose… Photo: Chris Balck

yellow and black butterfly, wings stretched out high, atop a yellow flower against blurred green background


rests on Mexican Sunflower. Photo: Chris Balck