Scooter Stencil

A spray-painted scooter adorns a road construction sign near the intersection of … READ MORE

Cub Construction

A new cub on the other end of the community will soon be open for business. Photo: Jack Musil.

Crane over construction site at night

Towering over the River

Towering over the River at Minnehaha Academy Upper School. Photo: Troy Davison

workers inside a building construction site

Jardín East Longfellow

There’s renovation happening inside the old Walgreens building on East Lake Street. Jardín East Longfellow will be a Spanish immersion childcare center at this new location opening next year. Photo: Hillary Oppmann

two tall construction cranes over a three-story construction site

Academy Cranes

Warm weather on Saturday made for a muddy worksite at the Minnehaha Academy Upper School rebuild. Photo: Dan Hauser

two construction workers with electrical box and big long black cords

Construction Team

Thanks crew for all you do to ensure our stormwater system functions properly. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

looking up at tall crane in front of a three-story building under construction with purple insulation on exterior walls

Crane Watch

Another big crane spotted in Longfellow this year. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

A construction excavator tears into an aged two-story yellow clapboard building, with a new five-story building in background

The Ups and Downs of 46th

As apartment dwellers move into a new building… Photo Credit: Brian Donahue

two-story house under construction with Tyvek wrap on walls with silver foil trim on new windows on dirt lot with scrub weeds

Coming Attraction

New house in the ‘hood under construction. Photo: Dave MacCallum

empty dirt lot with houses on both sides and across the street

New Home Arriving

Tearing down one home and building another… Photo: Julie Smith

View of construction site with cars in a parking lot, low buildings, and a tall red construction crane

Midtown Corner

Construction on a multi-use complex…
(click to see full panorama)
Photo: Jane Strauss