Elephant sculpted from snow with a black flex hose for trunk

Snow Elephant

Sometimes a simple snowman is just not enough. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Orange and yellow sky at sunrise with silhouette trees

Dawn of the New Year

Dramatically colorful start to 2019. Photo: Dave MacCallum

stonework and bench with large iced puddle reflecting a gray sky

Winter Bench

Ice on the Mississippi River overlook. Photo: Dave MacCallum

house window with poster of girl in top panes and dog in bottom pane, above a porch with railing, table, and chairs


Dog keeping an eye on things. Photo: Dave MacCallum

gray expanse of snow and ice rink with horizon line of bare trees and houses

Ready for Action

Hockey and skating rinks awaiting the skaters. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Clump of snow-capped dried brown stems in the snow

Minnesota Cotton Plants

Delicate puff balls of snow after the storm. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Snowy path into a grove of bare trees on a gray day

Into the Woods

Path into Seven Oaks Oval after snow. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Back of a person with hooded, long winter coat walking a dog on a snow path with bare trees on a gray day

On the Move

Folks and dogs gear up to keep moving in winter.

Photo: Dave MacCallum

Field covered in show with sign for Dowling Community Garden with blue sky and clouds

Hibernating Garden

The Community Garden is blanketed with snow this winter. Photo: Dave MacCallum

oak boughs against a blue sky with some clouds

Budding hope

Oak tree in morning light. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Leaves and water cover a concrete sidewalk

Sidewalk Flow

Water, leaves, and snow all coming together. Photo: Dave MacCallum

T Metro Blue Line train by station overhang with sign reading Track 2 TICKETS and tall gray grain elevators in background

Blue Line, Blue Sky

Light rail train shines against the grain elevators. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Little purple and white Spring Scilla blossoms with narrow green leaves atop shriveled brown leaves


Spring flowers and fall leaves. Photo: Dave MacCallum

layered rock face with green moss across the middle and brown oak leaves at the bottom

Moss in the Sunrise

Moss, rock and leaf layers on the river bluff. Photo: Dave MacCallum

White building wall holding a horned cow skull between two dark blue windows with a small metal smokestack on the roofline under a blue sky

Horns of Longfellow

Special touch on this remodeled garage, now a two-story ADU. Photo: Dave MacCallum

white and black toy pony on a lawnscape


Whimsical addition to a front yard. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Head of a dog looking through a round window in a wooden fence

Proxy Pooch

Even ceramic dogs like to keep an eye on things. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Cartoon faces painted on white wall with green brush in foreground

Hidden Smile

Graffiti overlooking the river bluff. Photo: Dave MacCallum

life-like carved bear on side of tree trunk with green leafy background

Bear and Lilacs

Wood-carved bear brings N. MN to cities. Photo: Dave MacCallum

large two-sorty red brick building with dormers on the roof with a sunny lawn and trees

A Grand Presence

Danish American Center faces the sun and river… Photo: Dave MacCallum

from beneath shade of trees, in the distance is a bicyclist and cars approaching on a roadway

Entering Longfellow

Bike commuter crosses into Minneapolis. Photo: Dave MacCallum

two-story house under construction with Tyvek wrap on walls with silver foil trim on new windows on dirt lot with scrub weeds

Coming Attraction

New house in the ‘hood under construction. Photo: Dave MacCallum

park bench from behind in a green field with a person laying flat on the bench

Sleeping Rough

Early morning in the park. Photo: Dave MacCallum

pale yellow bench on stonework with bushes, green field and trees

Beckoning Bench

Beautifully tended bench and garden. Photo: Dave MacCallum