Location: 39th St. and 46th Ave A walk through the Dowling Community … READ MORE


Location: 3901 46th Ave S. Gardeners at the Dowling Community Garden are awaiting and … READ MORE

Dowling Community Garden

The 75th anniversary of one of the last few Victory Gardens in Longfellow is at the Downling Community Garden. Photo: Whitney Hauser.

Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical frog-like thing guarding the zinnias and tomatoes. Photo: Jack Musil

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Returning to the garden Saturday, there was a definite party vibe in the air! It was the celebration of the 75th year of the garden, originally started as a Victory Garden. Photo: Whitney Hauser

tall sunflowers in a garden against blue sky

Sunflowers in the Sky

Giant sunflowers in Dowling Community Garden reaching high into the sky as the end of summer nears. Photo: David Skarjune

kids sledding down hill in front of man and dog

Pre-winter Sledding

These little ones were having a great time enjoying the early snowfall. Could this be Halloween ’91 Revisited? Photo: Carri Musil

Field covered in show with sign for Dowling Community Garden with blue sky and clouds

Hibernating Garden

The Community Garden is blanketed with snow this winter. Photo: Dave MacCallum

group of people from behind standing outdoors under trees next to a shed with blue barrel

Urban Farmers

Hopeful gardeners gather for orientation on urban farming… Photo: Carri Musil

soiled hands with red-stained fingers holding some blackberries

Berry Picking

Dowling Community Garden. Photo: Carri Musil

fat yellow and black bee on violet flowers with green foilage

Busy Bee

This bee was so busy pollinating… Photo: Carri Musil

pale yellow bench on stonework with bushes, green field and trees

Beckoning Bench

Beautifully tended bench and garden. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Paper-thin green pods glow in bright sunlight on a lush green plant

Where’s the Party?

Chinese lanterns still green and hiding underneath vegetation… Photo: Michele Jansen

Blue-colored tall wooden boxes with "pollinate" on the side behind a fenced enclosure

Keeping the Bees Safe

Pollinate Minnesota project in Longfellow. Photo: Dave MacCallum

snow-covered dried flower heads on stems on a blank whitish backbround

Snow Catchers

Fresh snow in the garden… Photo: Chris Balck

multi-colored flowers on tall stalks with bushes, trees, and blue sky in background

Dowling Colors

Dowling Community Garden… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop