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Patio Party Pyro Display

Patio Party Pyro Display

For those who stuck around till the very end of Longfellow Grill’s August Patio Party, got to see an exciting display tricks using fire! Photo: Jack Musil

backside of person sitting in a lawn chair next to a fire pit with smoldering log sections

Backyard Chillin’

My neighbor with her dog and a cozy fire… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

red-haired young woman in a school varsity jacket from behind looking across street a firefighters standing across crime scene tape, watching a fire truck pour water over a burned-out two-story building.

What Was is Gone

Viewing burned-out building on East Lake… Photo: David Skarjune

Looking through a burnt hole in a brick wall with a construction crane in the background

Walgreens’ Teardown

Demolition & cleanup continue on E. Lake… Photo: Sue Romain