two dogs playing in a yard

January Thaw

Mixed Terrier buddies Willie and Rio tear it up in human-buddy’s frozen backyard Photo: Helen Miller

tan leather couch on sidewalk in front of white brick wall with tree shadow

Out With the Old

New management clears out worn furnishings where patrons of former Blue Moon spilled many a cup and crumbs. Photo: Helen Miller

smurf and gnome statuettes on frosted wood stump with toy houses

Winter Greeting

Smurf and friends bid passers-by welcome from their wood stump patio. Photo: Helen Miller

footsteps through snow-covered sidewalk with snowy street under streetlights in the dark

Snowy Lake Street

5:30 am and already a few have passed this way. Photo: Helen Miller

Two german shepherd dogs, one near and one far, in snow with fog

No Tennis Today

The snowy court at Longfellow Park provides a confined space for dogs… Photo: Helen Miller

front of bungalow house at night with bright porch lights with snow

Bungalow at Night

1920s double bungalow shines its foyer lights brightly. Photo: Helen Miller

Green neon sign with engine-shaped smiley and words KEEP YOUR ENGINE HAPPY

A WARM Engine Is A HAPPY Engine

Starr Automotive adds a cheery grin on these cold and snowy winter days.

Photo: Helen Miller

Two dogs running forwards on snow

Snow Buddies

Sunny 10° feels warm enough for the dog park.

two women and three children on a large playground teeter totter

Ladies and Babies

…with at least one declaring it a No Coats Day. Photo: Helen Miller

old stuffed couch and sofa next to sidewalk with mural on building in background

Spring Cleaning

Curbside eye candy for this upholsterer. Photo: Helen Miller

looking across an empty street intersection to a Dairy Queen building with a few people and puffy white clouds overhead


Clouds float above Dairy Queen like soft serve… Photo: Helen Miller

store window with globes stuffed monkey on an old suitcase surrounded by small knickknacks with racks of clothing in the background

Time Bomb Moves

Vintage dealers assembling their new shop on East Lake Street… Photo: Helen Miller

Rainy residential street with blurry drops on camera lens

First Tinge of Color

Going to be a very pretty block in a few days… Photo: Helen Miller

blue and black motorcycle parked inside a showroom

Blue Beastie

Dream machine. Photo: Helen Miller

grass umbrellas blowing in the wind against a blue sky and green trees

Seemingly Tropical

Grass umbrellas on Hi-Lo’s patio doing a hula… Photo: Helen Miller

oval cactus leaves along a sidewalk hedge of thick green plantings

Crop of Cactus

Wonders never cease in Minnesota… Photo: Helen Miller

stack of rough wooden boards

Tree Work

Arborist neighbor stacked these massive cuts… Photo: Helen Miller

closeup of German Shepherd dog with snout near a tiny fairy on a swing over a hosta plant.

Fairy? What Fairy?

Some will see them…others will not! Photo: Helen Miller

bright light green desk and chair in sun next to a white garage in shade

Alley Fruit

Not the only fruit down this alley… Photo: Helen Miller

orange daylily petals scattered on a wet pavement in the rain

Daylily under Deluge

Blossom caught in evening rainstorm. Photo: Helen Miller

hand reaching into picture to pick a red berry under large green leaves

Raspberry Season

Always a better one way back there. Photo: Helen Miller

Several cottony thistle heads in foreground, with a man and a woman jogging in background along parkway

Thistle Fluff

Gone to seed, looks soft, but leaves sharp… Photo: Helen Miller