Greenway Hawk

A hawk (possibly a red-tailed hawk) found hunting along the Greenway Bike … READ MORE

Cub Construction

A new cub on the other end of the community will soon be open for business. Photo: Jack Musil.

Rainy day

For some, Memorial Day BBQ plans were stopped in their tracks due to the weather. Photo: Joseph Williams

Acme Foundry

Location: 3161 Hiawatha Ave. Longtime Longfellow business, Acme Foundry, molds custom metal … READ MORE

Power station

Power Station

Power Station — Hiawatha Avenue and Midtown Greenway. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Streaming car lights on highway at night seen from overpass

Highway Night Lights

Over Hiawatha Avenue looking north towards downtown. Photo: Matt Schanback

rail line, steel fence, and highway traffic

Train Waiting

Taking the train so often I’ve noticed something… Photo: Joseph Williams

old, blue industrial double-doors with icicles on snowy overhang

Icy Old Shop

Icy entrance to the old Nokomis Mill Shop. Photo: David Skarjune

Electric substation with sign reading Vintage, 3 blocks that-a-way with finger pointing icon, carn traffic and skyline in vbackground with red to blue sunset colors in sky

Vintage Winter

Seems like days of old, when we’d have see snow piled this high… Photo: Brian Donahue

Yellow and green vegetables, brown beef and sauces, on tan bubbly-surfaced round of injera bread on a colorful square platter

Ethiopian Food Sampler

Veggie and beef sampler platter at Mesob… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

man in shorts with red shopping bag crossing street with ACME industrial building in background and bright blue sky

ACME Available

In Longfellow since ’31, Acme is ready to vacate operation… Photo: David Skarjune

Tall rough dirt hill next to railroad cars under blue sky with thin clouds

Temp Ridge

Next to the new Hiawatha Trail Gap bike path. Photo: David Skarjune

Brick wall with painting of arched fork with a pickle on the end, and a truck parked in foreground

Forkbridge and Pickle

Mural by local artist Nancy Hylden. Photo: Brian Donahue

Mound of snow atop a doorway overhang next to a store window with neon lights

Snow Cold Brew

Our world has become an icebox… Photo: David Skarjune

at twilight a bulldozer and construction shovel at work over a broad dirt lot with a lit Burger King sign in the background

No Holiday

Coming soon… Photo: Brian Donahue