Going Up!

A new Longfellow home owner, Katie, is adding a 2nd floor to her small bungalow. With … READ MORE


Photo: Katy Buxton

Sign of the Times

Resisting the times. Photo: Martin Schub

house with gingerbread look and ice cicles

Fairy Tale Ice Land

Something about the colors of this house, the icicles at what looked like measured intervals…quite beautiful… Photo: Carri Musil

black and white photo of house

Days Gone By

Little did I know that my great-grandparents lived in Longfellow. Photo: Carri Musil

bungalow house under construction for second floor addition with red dumpster in street in front

Moving Up

Ever-changing community, changing this house to meet the needs of the family. Photo: Carri Musil

roval blue two-story house from side with blossoming trees in yard

Bold in Blue

Spotted this charming bold blue house. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

two-story house under construction with Tyvek wrap on walls with silver foil trim on new windows on dirt lot with scrub weeds

Coming Attraction

New house in the ‘hood under construction. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Two-story, four-square, white clapboard house with gray roof and black window trim

Win This House

This Scandinavian-inspired house is being given away… Photo: Brian Donahue