Sewer Art

Cool manhole cover near the Minnehaha post office. Photo: Jack Musil

Hardy Commuter

Winter Bicycling in all its glory. Photo: Jack Musil

Minnehaha Creek Railroad Bridge

Picture a train car filled with wide-eyed tourists soon to see Minnehaha Falls for the first time. Photo: Jack Musil

Peace Man

What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Photo: Jack Musil

Sad story/Super sale

After more than 45 years, this is the year River Lake Hardware will shut its doors for good. Photo: Jack Musil

Park Bench

Location: Wabun Picnic Area The weather is getting warmer and soon this … READ MORE

East Lake Eats

Dragon City Chow Mein is a local institution. Photo: Jack Musil

Cub Construction

A new cub on the other end of the community will soon be open for business. Photo: Jack Musil.

Sarcastic Santa

Santa on a stick = winter go away. Photo: Jack Musil

River Action

Activity abounds on the Mighty Mississippi. Photo: Jack Musil.

Czech This Out!

SlovCzech at Schooner, pizza and popcorn as well. Photo: Jack Musil

Bike Lane Buckle

A bike lane buckles due the the recent intense heat. Photo: Jack Musil

Bridge Art

Location: where Midtown Greenway meets the River Runners and bicyclists travel the … READ MORE

Stack O’ Drums

Drumsticks and drum sticks in the park. Photo: Jack Musil

Selfie at the Falls

It’s hard to take a bad photo at the falls. Photo: Jack Musil.

Fork & Pickle

Spoon and Cherry, meet Fork and Pickle. Photo: Jack Musil.

Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical frog-like thing guarding the zinnias and tomatoes. Photo: Jack Musil

Patio Party Pyro Display

Patio Party Pyro Display

For those who stuck around till the very end of Longfellow Grill’s August Patio Party, got to see an exciting display tricks using fire! Photo: Jack Musil

Looking up in Longfellow at Arbeiter Brewing

Things are looking up in Longfellow

A new craft brewery is slated to open in the vacant Harriet Brewing Company spot next year, Arbeiter Brewing Company. Photo: Jack Musil