Snow Angel

Snow angels make an appearance at Hiawatha School. Photo: Joseph Williams

Bike Rack

Minnehaha Ave-specific bike racks outside of Parkway Pizza. Photo: Joseph Williams


You can faintly see a city bus driving west on 38th street at the 42nd Ave. intersection. Photo: Joseph Williams

Wash Me!

Cars cannot help but get dirty in this weather. Some say “wash me!” Photo: Joseph Williams

Corner Store

Night at the market. Photo: Joseph Williams


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Wooden Door

Location: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo After finishing up a presentation for class, a birthday … READ MORE

Honor the Earth

Earth doesn’t need to be saved, it needs to be honored. Photo: Joseph Williams

New Patio

Parkway is open for outdoor business! Photo: Joseph Williams

Rainy day

For some, Memorial Day BBQ plans were stopped in their tracks due to the weather. Photo: Joseph Williams

Walking the dog

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Little Free Library

Little Free Library

My favorite Little Free Library in our neighborhood. Photo: Joseph Williams

Railroad tracks to old grain towers in background

Towers of Longfellow

The remaining of the old grain towers that are slowly being torn down at Lake and Hiawatha. Photo: Joseph Williams

Hiawatha Lumber Co. building


Forgotten — Biking along the empty side streets of South Minneapolis offers an interesting history of a neighborhood. Photo: Joseph Williams

W River Pkwy S street sign

Late Night Walk

Late Night Walk — Couldn’t sleep so I took a walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon this sightly askew stop sign. Photo: Joseph Williams

Rain puddle relfections on the street

Bless the Rain

Bless the Rain — Walking to the Riverview theater to watch Ant-Man and The Wasp. Photo: Joseph Williams

Cub sign on back of building


Biking past this Cub early in the morning, I usually get a pretty strong whiff of fried chicken. Photo: Joseph Williams