Ice Time

Minnehaha United Varsity Girls Hockey Photo taken by Katie Simon-Dastych

Take Out

North Longfellow Photo taken by Katie Simon

Elm Tree

A reflection of a stately elm tree in a mirrorball lawn ornament. … READ MORE

All Gave Some – Some Gave All

“If you spent time in the military, be proud to be part of the American Legion,” Commander Dale recommends. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

Catnip Sedative

Location: Mother Earth Gardens This marmalade resident of the garden center found … READ MORE

Boulevard Peony

Throughout our 4 neighborhoods in Greater Longfellow, residents and businesses beautify their … READ MORE


Location: Fresh Produce Stand – Minnehaha Avenue at E. 46th Street. Unteidt’s … READ MORE

Tamias Minimus

Cooper: a back yard chipmunk with ceramic bullfrog friend DNR Link: … READ MORE


Minneapolis Park System There are four free wading pools in Greater Longfellow … READ MORE

Backyard Bounty

Pictured is Bruce Thompson, Cooper/Greater Longfellow resident. Thompson’s bought their home in 1993. Soon … READ MORE


The fuchsia plant is a great container plant or hanging basket plant … READ MORE

Grape Season

These are an unidentified varietal growing on a chain link fence along … READ MORE