Patio Weather

The West River Commons patio was just one of many places where … READ MORE

We’re on the Map!

Downtown Longfellow is now a destination. Here in Downtown Longfellow at 27th and … READ MORE

Sunset on Summer

Location: Lake St, near 45th Ave. Today, the last day of summer, … READ MORE

Saigon Benz

Location: Saigon Garage Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My … READ MORE

End of an era!

Location: Riverlake Hardware Photo: Troy Davison

Carts in a Row

Location: Target, 2500 E. Lake St. Photo: Kevin Venerus

Houston Strong

Rooting for the Houston Astros on a rainy Saturday night. Photo: Guthrie … READ MORE

A Repair Lair Repair

Location: Repair Lair, 3304 E. Lake St. Repair and consignment of outdoor gear … READ MORE

Urban Cider

Location: Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E. Lake St. Jeff Zeitler’s … READ MORE

Coliseum Building 

Location: Lake St. and 27th This building once housed Freeman’s Department Store … READ MORE

Green all year long

Location:  Longfellow Market Photo: Kevin Venerus

Year-End Self Portrait

Martin Schub shares his experience as the 2017 Tuesday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Martin Schub

Spring is coming!

Location: Lake Street and 46th Ave S. Photo: Troy Davison

Sad story/Super sale

After more than 45 years, this is the year River Lake Hardware will shut its doors for good. Photo: Jack Musil