Location: Little Free Library at 40th and 40th. We came across this … READ MORE

Two Weeks Away

The League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) Art Crawl is two weeks away! Longfellow365 will … READ MORE

Book Worm

A little Free Library located at 41st Ave and 34th St. Photo: Carri Musil

The Big Sleep

Avoid the big sleep for as long as possible. Not sure if the book is any good. Photo: Guthrie Byard

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

My favorite Little Free Library in our neighborhood. Photo: Joseph Williams

Decorated wooden box of books on a wooden post next to a yellow bench with text reading Books fall open, You fall in.

Sit & Fall

Little Free Libraries are a treat around the neighborhood… Photo: Julie Smith

Sunlight church constructed of red brick, stone, and glass with a tall bell tower and spire on the left side.

Big and Little

Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church, Photo: Jane Strauss

Blue and white shed-shaped box on a pole with colorful painting to look like a small house with "Anne's Library" over the doorway

Anne’s Library

…is a bit craftier than others… Photo: Jane Strauss

yellow bench next to little yellow house-shaped box on a post next to a larger round container on a post with fence and garden behind

Sidewalk Endeavors

with library, chalk and more… Photo: Jane Strauss