Ice Worms

Early this morning while walking through Longfellow park I came across a … READ MORE

Bus Stop Outing

Every day Clementine (1.5 yrs), Lochlainn (4.5 yrs), and their mom, Heather, … READ MORE


A boy kicks around a soccer ball while he waits for his … READ MORE

Pool time

Cooling off in the Longfellow Park wading pool while out for a … READ MORE

Longfellow Soccer

3 soccer teams practicing in the Longfellow Park. Photo: Julia Anderson

Ice is On

Longfellow Park skating rinks and warming house are finally open. Better late … READ MORE


A man sketches peacefully while sitting on the roof of his car … READ MORE

Ice Out 

Sadly, warm temperatures created a reflective pool at the hockey rink at … READ MORE

Snowy Runner

Location: Longfellow Park An unidentified runner does wind sprints in Longfellow Park on … READ MORE

Crow Convention

Location: Longfellow Park When crows start massing in Longfellow Park at dusk, … READ MORE

Meet at the park

Location: Longfellow Park Photo: Marya Johnston-McIntosh

Snow Day!

Jumping for joy on a snow day. Photo: Emily Davison.

Playgound equipment being erected in sand

New Playground

New Playground — New equipment has finally arrived and is being installed in all its geometric glory at Longfellow Park. Photo: Matt Schanback

Construction crane over roof of building behind orange flags on line

Roof Repair

Longfellow Park has major work being done on its roof. Photo: Jane Strauss

Play house at playground

Playground Is Ready

All summer, work was being done at the Longfellow Park playground. It’s finally ready… Photo: Whitney Hauser

man with a water hose on ice in a park

Icemaker Extraordinaire

Meet Anthony Avery. Instigator of the Ice. Flooder of the Field. Photo: Jack Musil