This is my neighbor’s yucca plant. I’m always amazed that a plant … READ MORE

Little shoes

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the first Longfellow Energy … READ MORE

New moon

A new moon seen over a spruce around 35th & 40th. Spring … READ MORE

Kills 99.9%

Well, that’s a pretty weird place to keep your Lysol. Let’s try … READ MORE


The rhubarb knows it’s spring. Photo: Maley Neil

Natural trellis

One creative neighbor crafted this neat trellis/fence out of natural materials. Photo: … READ MORE


Bright tulips are popping up all over the place. Photo: Maley Neil

We do!

Photo: Maley Neil

Little chair

It’s stoop-sitting season at last. Photo: Maley Neil

Yellow iris

 I love seeing all the neighbors’ flowers come up Photo: Maley Neil

Yard art

A wood sculpture in the neighborhood. Photo: Maley Neil


The occupants of this birdhouse have made quite the nest. Photo: Maley … READ MORE

In bloom

Longfellow’s getting colorful everywhere. Photo: Maley Neil


A friend in Madison, WI, started leaving bouquets out in public places … READ MORE

Pool time

Cooling off in the Longfellow Park wading pool while out for a … READ MORE

A hot day

Means a dip in the cool neighborhood pool. Photo: Maley Neil


Photo: Maley Neil