Paper-thin green pods glow in bright sunlight on a lush green plant

Where’s the Party?

Chinese lanterns still green and hiding underneath vegetation… Photo: Michele Jansen

front of parked red car covered with small yellow leaves on a street with autumn trees in background

New Fall Coat

Tiny yellow leaves are everywhere… Photo: Michele Jansen

Young person on a skateboard in a skate park with a black dog

Practice Makes Perfect

Boy practices on skateboard with canine counterpart… Photo: Michele Jansen

Flags Unfurled

Above the American Legion on Veterans Day… Photo: Michele Jansen

black bike with blue fender aprons that has front wheel on a gray rack that stretches back with some other pikes in the distances

Still Time to Ride

Pedal-assist ebikes are part of Nice Ride… Photo: Michele Jansen

White sign with blue lettering that reads DON'S Leather Cleaning

Ghost Sign

Underneath Don’s sign is a ghost of Bridgeman’s… Photo: Michele Jansen

Tall scarecrow-like statue with a red and white Santa coat and hat with some other figures in a snowy scene outside of a house

Scary Christmas

Jack Skellington got his wish… Photo: Michele Jansen

three figures in winter garb running along a snowy road with bare trees & street signs in background

Long Distance Snow Run

… for Minnehaha Academy track athletes. Photo: Michele Jansen

Ready for Winter

…someone did a lot of chopping… Photo: Michele Jansen

children in a snow-covered playground with one small boy behind a snow wall

Snow Fort

Great way to spend holiday vacation… Photo: Michele Jansen

cutouts of a snowman and evergreen tree glow with orange-yellow light from candle flames

Winter Light

Candles create a different light… Photo: Michele Jansen

bare christmas tree leaning against a white clapboard garage in a snow-covered alley

End of Holidays

Taking down the tree… Photo: Michele Jansen

A Tale of Two Walks

…during this challenging winter… Photo: Michele Jansen

older woman with black glasses and red sweater sitting in a sofa chair holding a medium-sized piece of paper with artworks and words

Artist Anita White

with her Sleep Journal… photos: Skarjune & Jansen

large pile of tree brush in front of a garage and a cherry picker truck in background with two tall limbless tree trunks

Spring Pruning

Location: 30xx 34th Avenue South A Longfellow resident is completing the arduous … READ MORE

Facing the Sun

Bungalow row in late-day sun. Photo: Michele Jansen

Dried grass, leaves, and stems on the ground with a few dark holes embedded

Spring Dig

Is it home for some critter…? Photo: Michele Jansen

GLowing orange-yellow tulips with greenery in sunlight

Glowing Tulips

A sure sign of spring… Photo: Michele Jansen

orange and white cat peaking out of a square basket on a wooden tablet

Cozy Cat

on a dreary day… Photo: Michele Jansen

overhead look at branches of leaves colored green, yellow, and orange-red.

Sneak Peak

Fall on it’s way… Photo: Michele Jansen

Front of red truck parked on a street with a "Sale Today" sign on top.

Sign of Normalcy

Location: East31st Street & 39th Avenue South One of my favorite pastimes … READ MORE

Inflatable yard decorations with a unicorn skeleton with a "Be The Change" sign along with a spider

Unlikely Pair

Cute & scary… Photo: Michele Jansen

looking down at cement grid with rusty manhole cover surrounded by spray-painted red slashes

City Hieroglyphics

open to interpretation… Photo: Michele Jansen