faraway figures on a snowy path through the woods on a sunny day with blue sky

Venture into the Oval

The Oval is peaceful and welcoming for a winter hike. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Convex mirror showing construction site with lumber, building materials, and a tall crane

Rebuilding Minnehaha Academy

The mirror captures the rebuilding effort of the Minnehaha Academy Upper School. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Fuzzy haired golden grasses with bluish snowy background

Boulevard Grasses

Tall grasses on the boulevard provide a lovely visual texture in the winter. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Traffic lights at intersection at dusk with Minnehaha Liquors lit sign on building in background

Intersection at Dusk

Brightly lit shops and traffic signals against the blue sky at dusk. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Small green mini-van parked by lue building with snow and tall dried grasses in foreground

Lil’ Green Truckster

Seeing a bright green vintage truckster made me smile today. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

snow-capped evergreens along side tan house with a snowy yard

Snow-capped Evergreens

Snow-capped evergreens looking very fluffy. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

table of various pastries with golden brown crusts and white icing on some

Pastry Goodness

In winter these pastries look all the more appealing. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

shelves of tan and black leather hiking boots with window background

Winter Boots

Winter boots brightly lit by the storefront window. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

parking meter station with big Pay Here sign on top surrounded by mounds of snow on a sunny day

Can’t Wait for Spring

Footprints carving out a little area of snow in front of the pay machine. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

old stone fireplace outdoors

Old Stonework

An outdoor fireplace standing steadfast against the elements. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

looking up at tall crane in front of a three-story building under construction with purple insulation on exterior walls

Crane Watch

Another big crane spotted in Longfellow this year. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

tall stone arch doorway with colorful sidewall mosaic of children and urban scenes

Mosaic Tile Fun

A colorful mosaic greets students as they enter the school… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

looking out a window with translucent green, yellow, and blue tapestries in upper pane and a statue silhouette of a figure with outstretched limbs in a wheel shape

Ahhh Yoga

Peace and relaxation on a dreary Saturday. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

backside of person sitting in a lawn chair next to a fire pit with smoldering log sections

Backyard Chillin’

My neighbor with her dog and a cozy fire… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

roval blue two-story house from side with blossoming trees in yard

Bold in Blue

Spotted this charming bold blue house. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Yellow and green vegetables, brown beef and sauces, on tan bubbly-surfaced round of injera bread on a colorful square platter

Ethiopian Food Sampler

Veggie and beef sampler platter at Mesob… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

looking up through big green oak leaves on a tree trunk with boughs above

Oak Tree Canopy

Leaves sprouting on trunk of a large oak… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

chipmunk sitting on a cement porch with hosta and green foilage in background

Baby Chipmunk

Just hanging out on the front doorstep… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Couple from behind, walking down sidewalk past a green, yellow, and white sign for "Midtown Farmer's Market, with stalls and popup coverings along with sidewalk

Market Going Strong

Midtown Farmers Market on a 95º day… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

blue lanterns hanging amidst greenery with portion of a house in background

Blue Lanterns

Lanterns coordinated with house trim stand out… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Crafted stack of floral china teacups and creamer in a garden setting with a basket of pink impatiens

Tea Cups a Spillin’

The charm of this well-curated yard. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

two people riding bicycles on the street scene from behind some distance away

Sunset Bike Ride

Kids enjoying their bikes… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

two people ride bicycles on a bike path past a wooden sign reading "WEST RIVER PARKWAY" along with a Stop sign in the foreground

Typical Trail Scene

Bike riders along West River Parkway… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

storefront with green and white stripped awning, white cast iron cafe table and chairs, and a pink and yellow sign reading "Open, All are welcome"

Cool Little Shops

Charming storefront shops with great curb appeal. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

a few people in line next to a chalkboard sandwich sign for Doughnuts and other items

In Line for Baked Goods

Saturday morning doughnut goodness at Midtown Farmers Market. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Yellow yard sign with pink and blue lettering reading LoLa art crawl, and with rosebushes and a house front door in background

LoLa Time

Lola Art Crawl signs everywhere… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

patio scene of tall perennials with crimson and lavender heads

Cheery Backyard Plants

Fall flowering plants make the backyard cheerful… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Dozens of brightly colored plastic sticks with colored heads

Pretty Nail Options

Fun display of nail polish at Daisy Nails. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk