Find Rocky

Signs around Longfellow alerted the neighborhood to a lost dog on Monday … READ MORE

In Flight

There are some pretty amazing outdoor spaces to explore in the Longfellow … READ MORE

Greenway Hawk

A hawk (possibly a red-tailed hawk) found hunting along the Greenway Bike … READ MORE

Empire Art

Art seen along the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail (near 27th Street East … READ MORE

Bridge Art

Location: where Midtown Greenway meets the River Runners and bicyclists travel the … READ MORE

Grenway Sunset

Greenway Sunset

Greenway Sunset — Sun setting on the Midtown Greenway. Photo: Anduz Johnson

hundreds of bright yellow dandelions across a green grassy field with brush on hillside in background

Dandy Flowers

Let a thousand dandelions bloom.

Photo: David Skarjune

A runner in sky blue jacket and black clothes seen from behind on a cement trail divided with a white line with black fencing and signage beneath a bright blue sky over bare trees

Bit o’ Blue

…bursting out on the Greenway. Photo: David Skarjune