New addition

Dumpling. Photo: A.G. Wilson

Family Visit

Visiting their dad, Chris, at work. Photo: Liza Davitch


A few people up early enjoying the fresh smell of coffee at Peace … READ MORE

The Fix Studio

Location: 3725 Minnehaha Avenue The Fix Studio is a fun and engaging … READ MORE

Ready for the Call

Location: 38th and Minnehaha. Station 21. Photo: Carri Musil

Paris Antiques

Location: 3721 Minnehaha Ave Mary Anne Rivers opened the first vintage shop … READ MORE

Art Crawl

Location: 3721 Minnehaha Ave Following the sign for Stop #48 during the LoLa … READ MORE

Hardy Commuter

Winter Bicycling in all its glory. Photo: Jack Musil

Wooden Door

Location: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo After finishing up a presentation for class, a birthday … READ MORE

Sarcastic Santa

Santa on a stick = winter go away. Photo: Jack Musil

New Patio

Parkway is open for outdoor business! Photo: Joseph Williams

All Square restaurant patio

All Square Grand Opening

All Square Grand Opening —The wait is over. There were balloons, music and tons of people when I stopped by Saturday to snap this photo of the fun. Photo: Whitney Hauser

glaring sun over street and buildings against a pale blue sky

Big Sun

After days of grey just seeing the sun is a big deal. Photo: Matt Schanback

silver artificial christmas tree and santa display in store window

Vintage Trees

It just doesn’t get more vintage than a tinsel tree and color wheel. Photo: Carri Musil

large metal framed window wall with colored slats and sign reading SALW 60%R OFF EVERYTHING MUST GO BY DECEMBER 31 *SOME STUFF FREE

Everything Must Go

Minnehaha Falls Nursery has closed its doors and covered over the windows. Not a tree nor plant in sight. Photo: Brian Donahue