There are numerous waterfalls into the Mississippi Gorge through Longfellow. This one … READ MORE

Winchell Trail

Location: Mississippi River Gorge between Franklin and Minnehaha Park The Winchell Trail … READ MORE

dog in forest with collapsed tree in background

Fallen Tree Fort

A fallen tree has created a little shelter/fort in the Mississippi River Gorge. Photo: René V. Rosengren

stone stairs going down hill dimly lit at night

Moonlight Stairs

Mississippi River bank near East 34th Street. Photo: Troy Davison

Bearded man with black stocking cap and red winter jacket with gray river and gorge in background


I have enjoyed taking a photo each week for this project. Photo: Troy Davison

stonework and bench with large iced puddle reflecting a gray sky

Winter Bench

Ice on the Mississippi River overlook. Photo: Dave MacCallum

View through a dim snowy & grassy trough with sunset bluff in distance with a building on it

Neighboring View

Leo C. Byrne Residence across the river. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Grassy hill with yellow sunlight on the tops with trees and blue sky in background

Grass Hill

Oak Savannah off Winchell Trail… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop