On the side of Visual Expressions Graphic Design & Printing Photo taken … READ MORE

Lake Street Mural

One of many great murals in our neighborhood. Photo: Robert Ball

Garage Ivy

Ivy patterns act as a flora mural on this Howe neighborhood garage.  … READ MORE

Harvest States

Artwork around since the early 90s still adorns the Harvest States stacks. Photo: Troy Davison

woman standing next to a single story building with a mural of an abstract landscape with a field of green globe shapes with bird silhouettes flying in a blue sky under a yellow sun

Megan Moore

LoLa artist mural at Minnehaha Scoop…

side of building with light brown cinderblock walls painted with graphics of dog, woman, and man wearing masks with the phrase "Together, We Got This!" and street scene in background with Hi-Lo sign on a buidling


We Got This! Photo: Brian Donahue

artist on a ladder painting a very large mural of a blue and white mountainscape seen over a fence and parking lot with a mural-painted SUV vehicle

Himalayan Parking

Mural by Martha Floerchinger… Photo: Jane Strauss

Man painting on an outdoor wall mural, with ladder and small table of supplies, depicting a deer with large horns

Coffee Por Favor

New Mural at Selam Coffee… Photo: Robin Lietz

Triptych view of an artist, wearing a mask, works on painting a mural of tree silhouettes with roots on side of building

Savory Artist

Corey Hanssen paints mural… Photo: René Rosengren

Wall mural on side of building with curving white stripes crossing over many faces of diverse and abstract characters with a bus bench in front.

Diversity Mural

at East Lake Aikido… Photo: Chris Balck

long wall of building with a red Target store entrance at far end and a colorful mural across the wall to the near end with the words: We Stand Together. We Build Together.

We Stand Together

New mural by JXTA at Target… Photo: Brian Donahue

Sunlight illuminates a beautifully painted mural of George Floyd. The paint colors... all shades of blue.

Justice Now Peace

A mural of George Floyd—painted in beautiful shades of blue on LV’s Barbershop’s … READ MORE