Bah Humbug

Today I searched for a bit of color through the raindrops.  Here’s … READ MORE

Get Going!

The port-a-potties are lined up and ready to “go” for the Get … READ MORE

Leaves of Grass

Another day of spring rain in Longfellow. Photo: Patty Day

Rainy Day

Photo: Hillary Oppmann


Photo: A.G. Wilson

Under the Umbrella

A rainy, humid summer day in the neighborhood. Photo: Emily Harris

A rare sight

On few occasions do you get this many choices for parking on … READ MORE


Droplets of rain clinging on after another morning spring shower. Photo: Ashley … READ MORE

Patio Party Rain Out

Location: Longfellow Grill Longfellow Grill, throughout the warmer months. has monthly patio parties. … READ MORE

Houston Strong

Rooting for the Houston Astros on a rainy Saturday night. Photo: Guthrie … READ MORE

Rain droplets on leaves

Summer Rain

Summer Rain — Photo: Troy Davison

Rain puddle relfections on the street

Bless the Rain

Bless the Rain — Walking to the Riverview theater to watch Ant-Man and The Wasp. Photo: Joseph Williams

raindrops bouncing on the street

Dancing Drops

The rain was coming down in buckets. Photo: Matt Schanback

raindrops on a window

At Least It’s Friday! 

Will this drizzle and clouds ever go away? Not inspired this morning. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Rainy residential street with blurry drops on camera lens

First Tinge of Color

Going to be a very pretty block in a few days… Photo: Helen Miller

orange daylily petals scattered on a wet pavement in the rain

Daylily under Deluge

Blossom caught in evening rainstorm. Photo: Helen Miller