dog in forest with collapsed tree in background

Fallen Tree Fort

A fallen tree has created a little shelter/fort in the Mississippi River Gorge. Photo: René V. Rosengren

Dark metal superstructure over river

Crew View

Under the Short Line Railroad Bridge. Photo: René V. Rosengren

a female mannequin head with a crown

Crowned Diva

Cheapo Queen has been disposed.

Photo: René V. Rosengren

black and white dog sitting behind a wooden wall of see-through hexagonal planters with seating in the background

Pup & Parklet

Savory Bake House has a lovely new Parklet… Photo: René V. Rosengren

window display of human skeleton amidst an array of fabric samples

Fabrics to Die For

Seasonal window dressing. Photo: René V. Rosengren

Wooden wall outside a storefront with 4008 spray-painted in black with gold GILDA sign above


Two Bettys’ new neighbor.  Photo: Rene Rosengren

riverside scene with snow-covered bank with buoy on it's side, with sunlit bridge over river

Oh Buoy

Mississippi River… Photo: René V. Rosengren

Blue building with the word BOX on it surrounded by snow

Belle’s Blue Building

…open occasional Saturdays in winter… Photo:  Rene Rosengren

black outline of owl on turquoise paper cutout and tacked to wood

Aqua Owl?

What’s the story…? Photo: Rene Rosengren

man riding a bicycle down a street towing a wheeled cart with colorfully decorated box on it

Bicycle Art Cart

Pedal Pusher Gallery with quilt art… Photo: Rene Rosengren

Triptych view of an artist, wearing a mask, works on painting a mural of tree silhouettes with roots on side of building

Savory Artist

Corey Hanssen paints mural… Photo: René Rosengren

wide riverscape reflecting blue sky and white clouds with green and colorful trees on shoreline

Fall Panorama

River reflections. René Rosengren

Riverscape from waters edge looking up at a long bridge on a sunny day with reflection off the water

Bronze & Blue

under Lake Street bridge… Photo: René Rosengren

pair of wooden body models, one appearing to pull up the other

Model Behavior

Lending a helping hand. Photo: Rene Rosengren

panoramic view of an ice rink with white boards in a brown field with some ice in the rink

State of Hockey

If you build it… Photo: René Rosengren