This painted tic-tac-toe board was found on the Howe School playground Photo … READ MORE

Hiawatha Howe PTO

This group of active and enthusiastic Longfellow parents attended the Hiawatha Howe … READ MORE

Outdoor learning

Howe Elementary Photo: A.G. Wilson


Location: Minnehaha Upper Academy Flowers for the victims line the fence around … READ MORE

tall stone arch doorway with colorful sidewall mosaic of children and urban scenes

Mosaic Tile Fun

A colorful mosaic greets students as they enter the school… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

storefront window lights across a street in the evening with trails of car lights streaming across the picture

Bienvenidos Estudiantes

New Spanish Immersion Daycare & Preschool on Minnehaha… Photo: Brian Donahue

outdoor hockey rink at night with a group of children pulling one sitting on a inflated sliding tube

Icy Evening

at Hiawatha School Park rink…