Signs of Spring!

Signs of spring are around us. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Leaves and water cover a concrete sidewalk

Sidewalk Flow

Water, leaves, and snow all coming together. Photo: Dave MacCallum

rushing waterfall into pool surrounded by icy cliffs with a blue sky overhead

Mighty Minnehaha

Rimmed by icy walls Minnehaha Falls is flowing fast and strong… Photo: David Skarjune

Little purple and white Spring Scilla blossoms with narrow green leaves atop shriveled brown leaves


Spring flowers and fall leaves. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Strings of round white lights hang from a tree at night


Spring’s first warm evening with beautiful outdoor illumination… Photo: Carri Musil

Rainy residential street with blurry drops on camera lens

First Tinge of Color

Going to be a very pretty block in a few days… Photo: Helen Miller

White blossoms with pink pistils on branches with blurry red tulips in background


Cherry and other trees are in full blossom… Photo: David Skarjune

reflective puddle of water on dirt next to brown grass and low snow mounds with a park building in the background

Hockey is Over

…at Longfellow Park as ice rink melts… Photo: Sue Romain

young green sprouts in the ground with mulched twigs and leaves

First Sprouts

Are these crocuses or tulips? Photo: David Skarjune

bright green pointy sprouts coming out of the ground with brown leaves and plant stems

Early Tulip

as gardens are waking up… Photo: Jane Strauss

bright red blossoms on long slender tree limbs against a wooden fence, blue house, and blue sky

Signs of Spring

Never knew maple trees bloomed… Photo: Sue Romain

small purple blossoms with one yellow blossom against gray rocks and brown mulch

Small Blossoms

…big bursts of color… Photo: David Skarjune

large tilting snowman on a city street next to a grassy boulevard with somewhat snowy lawns and houses in the background

The Iceman Cometh

with a late season snow… Photo: Robin Lietz

Bright green well-trimmed shrubery in front of a 1-1/2 story gray clapboard house

Oriental Spring

What a difference 2 weeks makes… Photo: Jane Strauss

Young yellow leaf opening with out of focus tree branches in background

Life Goes On

Maple tree leaves are sprouting… Photo: Sue Romain

GLowing orange-yellow tulips with greenery in sunlight

Glowing Tulips

A sure sign of spring… Photo: Michele Jansen

Large oval round of bright red. orange, yellow, and pink tulips

Awash in Color

May in Longfellow. Photo: Susan Purdie

pink heart-shaped blossoms hanging by thin stems from a branch with out of focus brown and green background

Bleeding Hearts

Spring must be here. Photo: Sue Romain