Cold Critter

A cold squirrel looks up towards the sky hoping for warm weather. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Perfect Timing

Doggos out and about. Photo: Whitney Hauser.


Neighbors helping neighbors. Photo: Whitney Hauser


Louise is a doggone good dog. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Table For None

snow covered eatery. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Bread Basket

Turtle Bread has all of your bread kneads. Photo: Whitney Hauser

DQ or Bust

The obligatory DQ photo for the project is always a good one, just like their cool treats. Photo: Whitney Hauser


Making the trek to dine out. Photo: Whitney Hauser


Another Longfellow garden produces food for its residents. Photo: Whitney Hauser.

Dowling Community Garden

The 75th anniversary of one of the last few Victory Gardens in Longfellow is at the Downling Community Garden. Photo: Whitney Hauser.

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Returning to the garden Saturday, there was a definite party vibe in the air! It was the celebration of the 75th year of the garden, originally started as a Victory Garden. Photo: Whitney Hauser

All Square restaurant patio

All Square Grand Opening

All Square Grand Opening —The wait is over. There were balloons, music and tons of people when I stopped by Saturday to snap this photo of the fun. Photo: Whitney Hauser

acorns on a sidewalk

So Many Acorns!

It’s one of those years where the oak trees are going nuts making more acorns than the squirrels can carry off. Photo: Whitney Hauser

feathery native grasses and chain link fencing

Chain Link Revision

Such a cool way to rethink a fence: weaving last year’s tall grass through the fence where this year’s grass is growing. Photo: Whitney Hauser

large group of people in backyard with 65 on a birthday cake


There’s nothing like getting the neighborhood, friends, and family together like a birthday party! Photo: Whitney Hauser

Fire engine outside fire station

Testing 1-2-3

They’re making sure everything is in tip-top shape this morning at Fire Station 21. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Train tracks with grain elevators in background

Train Tracks

I cross these tracks twice every workday and rarely do more than make a quick glance to avoid being surprised by a crossing train. Photo: Whitney Hauser