First snow

On my wanderings this afternoon to shoot the first snow of the … READ MORE

A Dusting

Longfellow received only a dusting of snow today, although many had hoped … READ MORE

Frozen River

Ice patterns on the Mississippi River on a bitter cold day. It’s … READ MORE


Photo: A.G. Wilson

Winter Steps

One of two stone stairways at Minnehaha Regional Park (either 106 or … READ MORE

Around 2:30

Snow falling around 2:30. Photo: Matt Schanback.

Sarcastic Santa

Santa on a stick = winter go away. Photo: Jack Musil

fat tire bicycle in shop

Winterize Bike

Readying a fat bike for ice and snow. Photo: Troy Davison

black leather mitten on a steel post next to a narrow tree trunk against blue sky

Mitt You

Missing a mitten? Photo: David Skarjune

Nightscape with house in distance decorated with purplish holiday lights

Season of Darkness

We don’t know light without it… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

empty park bench amidst a snowy scene in the park with mostly bare trees and some light brown leaves

Winter Melt

Despite gloomy skies, 40º & walking dogs… Photo: Sue Romain

cutouts of a snowman and evergreen tree glow with orange-yellow light from candle flames

Winter Light

Candles create a different light… Photo: Michele Jansen

Shadow of a bare tree on bluish colored snow with black fence outline in background

Night Shadow

Location: Howe neighborhood What could be more compelling on a Friday night … READ MORE

dark rooftop with brick chimney and shiny metal stack against a deep blue sky

Cozy Winter Morning

…our neighbors are nice & warm. Photo: Chris Balck

snow-covered patio outside yellow stone building with yellow stone bench and two plastic geodesic domes behind a black iron fence

Winter Patio Dining

Year-round in the Bold North… Photo: Sue Romain

Snowy night scene of bus stop lit by streetlights and car lights with retail signs in background

Long Nights

…at this deserted bus stop… Photo: Jane Strauss

bright yellow light shining through bare tree branches and snow flurries in the night sky

Winter Storm

… illuminated the falling snow … Photo: Chris Balck

backyard scene in winter with tree and garage backlit by bright sun

Sunshine and Snow

…especially welcome today… Photo: Sue Romain

Large park pavilion with red roofs in the winter

Wabun Waits

… for the thaw … Photo: Sue Romain

blurry snowflakes fall over a dim scene with a driftwood log and autumn leaves

Coming Blizzard

How much will it bring? Photo: Chris Balck